WMHD 2019

It’s October 10th and another World Mental Health Day has come around…

As you know we shouldn’t only remember about mental health on one day of the year. Mental health should be thought and talked about 365 days a year.

Mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being and we as humans need to understand and incorporate this into our daily lives..

Every human should pat themselves on the back for surviving this thing we call life, and for those of us who struggle on a daily basis, please remember that you have survived 100% of your worst days yet. Don’t give up!!

I’ve learnt 4

I’ve learnt that you have to teach yourself not to dwell on things..

I’ve learnt that we are here for a really short period of time..

I’ve learnt that humans do not have as much control as they think they do..

I’ve learnt that putting myself first is very important..

I’ve learnt that you have to stand up for yourself..

I’ve learnt that if you are not comfortable/ happy about a situation or with a person, discuss it with them..

I’ve learnt that everything in life takes work..

I’ve learnt that adulthood is so fucking exhausting..

I’ve learnt to just about keep my head above water and realising that sometimes being like that is more than enough..

I’ve learnt that I am worthy..

I’ve learnt that my worth does not lie in the hands of any human being..

I’ve learnt that one should not place their happiness in the hands of others because they will drop it every-time..

I’ve learnt that depression kicks my ass very frequently, but somehow I’m still here..


I know it’s a bit random, but I have been thinking about it recently.

What are the values that you hold dear to you and would you compromise it for anything? There are many different values and everyone will not have the same set of them.

We have to remember that when it comes to values there are no right or wrong answers, and we should not try to enforce our values on to others.

Furthermore, ensure that you stand on your values and do not allow anyone to force their shit onto you. You have an opinion and you as a human matters.

Remember that shit is not set in stone, you can pick up and drop values if you don’t believe they align with what you stand for!!

Just keep doing you!!

Till I write again!!

Love and light always! X

Learning to

Learning to accept how I feel and know that I am okay in feeling that way.

Learning to understand who I am, and loving it (flaws and all)

Learning that some humans are really fucking disgusting with their actions, but trying to not let it bother me

Learning that it’s not those that you will help that will pay you back. You receive your help from people you never expected..

Learning that so many people spew words and will tell you “that they will be there when you need them” but the reality could not be further from the truth!

Learning to not pour from an empty cup, I need time to replenish myself and lots of self care!!

Learning how to be much kinder to myself, because I really fucking deserve it..

Learning that I have some amazing people in my life, who I love dearly!!

Learning that going to therapy is the best decision I have ever made. As hard as it is, it has helped me in ways I never expected it too..

Fuck Positivity

I legit mean the title of my post. Some people may think what the fuck is she talking about. But I said what I said…

Let me go into more detail as to what I’m talking about. Let me create a scenario..

Someone you’re close too is going through shit and they disclose to you what it is, then you utter those two stupid words “be positive”..

Let me tell you something for free, if you say that shit to me I am legit not fucking with you again!!

By uttering those sacred words, you have not done shit to make that person feel better. What you have done is to invalidate their feelings. Being positive isn’t going to pay the bills. Being positive isn’t going to make that numbness or the feeling of emptiness go away.

People throw around the word “positivity” and not understand that when someone is depressed or anxious, or going through a really shit time positivity is not at the forefront of their mind…

I know people say what you put out to the universe is what comes back to you (I don’t think I necessarily agree with that, but that’s another topic for another day)..

Trying to round this long ass post up, just be mindful of what you say to others.. If life is going so fantastic for you and you’re overflowing with positivity, then congratulations to you. But this is not how it is for everyone…

Feelings are visitors, the best thing is too feel them while they are there. Because they do come and go…

If you don’t like it or agree with this post, well that’s your own opinion as this is mine..

Remember you have free will you don’t have to read it if you don’t want too…

Till I write again.

Love and light!! Xx

Second chance

Yesterday I made a decision to give someone a second chance..

I know some people will think I’m stupid in doing so but it my life and I have to do what makes me happy..

Humans are flawed, so we are always going to fuck up one way or another. Unfortunately when we do fuck up we end up hurting those close to us..

And that hurt can be soul crushing and heart wrenching, especially if it’s someone you trusted.

However we do deserve second chances because we won’t always get it right the first time..

We just have to decide who’s worth giving the chances too.

But make sure to guard your heart and make the person work for your trust again because remember actions speak louder than words..

Till I write again!

Love and light!! Xx

Some people just aren’t worth it

The title to this post highlights that some people are just not worth your time. If you notice that you are giving your all to someone and you’re not getting much in return then you need to leave.

I know in this life you will give to people because maybe you’re a giving person or you don’t want others to feel that loneliness you feel. The sad thing you have to remember is that whatever you do, another human does not owe you anything. If you give you’re giving because you want to..

Why is life unfair?? I wish I knew the answer to it then I may have saved myself from such heartache so many times..

However I can say I know much better now and I can only do what is best for me. I just hope all those that have fucked me over learn from their mistakes and treat the next person better.

But if they don’t then they just aren’t worth it..

Till I write again!

Love and light. X

Depression I’ve been waiting for you..

I feel like I want to die.. this is my current situation.

I know I won’t do it (commit suicide) but I just feel like I want to die…

As the title of this post says it’s been a while since I’ve felt like this. For such a long time I’ve been stable, my emotions have been on the okay side.

However today depression has hit me with a shit ton of bricks and I don’t know what to do, so I came on here.

I came on here so I don’t relapse, the urge to cut is so high but I’m going to push through it..

It’s like my head and emotions knew that this shit was coming, I just had this innate feeling in me that I’ve been too stable for too long..

I’ve cried twice today already, I am just so tearful.

Hopefully I live to see another day.

Take care everyone,

Love and light always!!


I’ve learnt 3

Guys, it seems like my creative juices are flowing tonight so I’m going to do another post!! (Aren’t you all lucky 😂) I think I’ll make I’ve learnt a series, I like sharing it..

I’ve learnt that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always 2 sides..

I’ve learnt that people will not like you for one reason or another and there’s nothing you can do about it..

I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t care about what people think about you, you aren’t in this life for them, you are here for YOU!!

I’ve learnt that as humans we all have the tendency to be fucking hypocrites..

I’ve learnt that you have to be mature enough to know that you are flawed..

I’ve learnt that you will not always be right..

I’ve learnt that when in the wrong the best thing is to apologise. The other person may not accept it and they have the right not too, but still apologise..

I’ve learnt it’s okay to not know what you want or where your going, life is a journey..

I’ve learnt one needs to focus on their own path and watering their own grass…

I’ve learnt money does not equate to happiness..

I’ve learnt greed is so fucking destructive, do not let that shit consume you..

I’ve learnt that when angry people will say things and say they don’t mean it later. Know that they did. Also know that they wish they didn’t, forgive them..

I’ve learnt that what comes easy, goes easy..

I’ve learnt some people will use you for what they can gain from you, do not be disheartened, unfortunately that’s life…

I’ve learnt you have to do what the clock does, keep moving forward..

Till I write again

Love and light!! Xxx